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【#ARTICLES|#Regenerative】 Record $22.7B investment raise profile of regenerative medicine in 2021

Regenerative medicine couldn't stop making news in 2021. The year was marked by Intellia's first results in humans for gene editing, massive Big Pharma partnerships and record investment of $22.7 billion.

This past year saw six new cell, gene and tissue-based therapies approved, according to an annual report from the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM). Meanwhile, CAR-T therapies put up the data to justify moving up a line in cancer treatment, and venture capital went all-in on the field.

Some major milestones for the field are yet to come in 2022, ARM said. About nine therapies are awaiting FDA nods, and another seven are before EU regulators. They include Gamida Cell’s cell therapy omidubicel and BioMarin’s ValRox for hemophilia A. For 2023, two sickle cell disease treatments, bluebird bio’s gene therapy bb1111 and CRISPR Tx and Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ CTX001, will be considered in the U.S.


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