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Clinical immersion Strategy workshop

Clinical Immersion Strategy Workshop

In response to the international trend and the development focus of the national biotechnology industry, TMU BioMed accelerator and TMU ’s medical ecosystem have invited internationally renowned experts to introduce market trends, regulations and strategies for software medical devices (SAMD), medical devices and AI medical products, clinical evaluation, IT integration and practical experience sharing. Startup teams can learn about the clinical resources available at TMU through interactive courses, and one-on-one consultations with the lecturer group to increase the speed of commercialization and market development.

北醫加速器 臨床實察策略工作坊 介紹
TMU Biomed Accelerator

北醫加速器 臨床實察策略工作坊 介紹

​Subject & Content


20210514 官網用素材-01-56.png

Chun-Mao Lin

Dean of Office of Business Development,

Taipei Medical University

20210514 官網用素材-01-62.png

Yu-Ting Tai

Deputy Director of Anesthesiology Department, 

Wanfang Hospital

20210514 官網用素材-01-60.png

Min-Huei Hsu

Dean of Data Science Office,

Taipei Medical University

20210514 官網用素材-01-61.png

Shian-Ying Sung

Vice Dean of Human Research Office,

Taipei Medical University

20210514 官網用素材-01-57.png

Jin-Feng Chen

Executive Director,


20210514 官網用素材-01-64.png

Chun-You Chen

Attending Physician of Radiation Oncology,

Wanfang Hospital

20210514 官網用素材-01-63.png

Chun-Kung Hsu

Deputy Director of IT Department,

Wanfang Hospital

20210514 官網用素材-01-55.png

Michel Chu

General manager,

Industrial Technology Investment Corporation

20210514 官網用素材-01-59.png

Wen-Te Liu 

Director of Sleep Center,

 Shuanghe Hospital

20210514 官網用素材-01-53.png

Wu-Meng Huang

Attending Physician of Orthopedics Department,

Taipei Medical University Hospital

20210514 官網用素材-01-58.png

Chih-Yu Chen

Assistant Professor of Orthopedics Department,

Shuang Ho Hospital

20210514 官網用素材-01-54.png

Yu-Chuan Li

Director of Dermatology,

Wanfang Hospital

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“Every lecturer spoke very well, very relevant to the topic, I've gained a lot. We learned that the self-pay marketing strategy is the most important consideration in the product and who pays. Only the right business model has the opportunity” 


—  Andrew , Director of Business Development




Time:09:00-13:30(08:30 start entry online and offline)

Location:Taipei Medical University Xing Chun Building 1st Floor – i8~i9 space

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