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1University 6 Hospital 

Provide the most complete medical and clinical trial services
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Wan Fang Hospital

The most complete international standardization, 743 beds.

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Shuang Ho Hospital

The first BOT(Build-Operate-Transfer) hospital in the country, with a total of 1,600 beds.

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Hsin Kuo Min Hospital

Orthopedics Mainly, General Medicine

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Taipei Cancer Center

High-quality cancer center integrating cancer medical research, education, and clinical.

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Taipei Neuroscience Institute

The first international neuro medical center in Taiwan.


Ningbo Lihuili Hospital(China)

Integrated Taiwan's hospital management model, reform model of Ningbo public hospital, 1000 beds.



Wan Fang Hospital, as a private management of public hospital, has been operating by Taipei Medical University since 1997. Wan Fang Hospital lays emphasis on high quality medical service comprehensively; moreover, it has obtained the certification of Medical center level in 7 years and has received many awards since operated. Honorably, Wan Fang Hospital received the accreditation of JCI (Joint Commission International Hospital Accreditation) in 2003.

With the combinaton of AI ​​technology and biotechnology center in hospital, Wan Fang BioDesign creates digital health and innovative medical devices with strong academic foundation and community connection.


Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) was founded in 1976 to provide a complete medical system. The number of hospital beds has increased to nearly 800 beds, and the number of faculty and staff has exceeded 2,000 people. Honorably, TMUH received the accreditation of JCI (Joint Commission International Hospital Accreditation) in 2009.

By combining with the i-College Innovation Education Center of TMU, TMUH provides Biodesign training to the staffs of TMU (via TMUH Biodesign) and the students of TMU (via Biodesign Jr.)

Shuang-Ho Biodesign

Taipei Medical University Shuang-Ho Hospital is located in Zhonghe District of New Taipei City, very close to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Shuang-Ho Hospital is the third affiliated hospital of Taipei Medical University since 2008. 
Shuang-Ho Biodesign aims to advocate medical innovations that are beneficial to the public in Zhonghe and Yonghe District.

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