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【#ARTICLES|#Medinvest】 Digital health funding dropped in Q1 to lowest level since 2020

  • Global digital health funding slumped in the first quarter, falling 36% sequentially to its lowest level since 2020, according to a report by CB Insights. The decline was driven by a halving of the funding committed in $100 million-plus mega-rounds.

  • 市調公司CB Insights的⼀份報告指出,全球數位醫療的募資在今年Q1降幅達36%,是2020以來的最低⽔準。主要的原因是1億美元以上的⼤型募資承諾砍半

  • Public markets felt the squeeze, too, with the number of IPOs falling 96%. Only one digital health company tracked by CB Insights completed an IPO in the first quarter, and no businesses went public via mergers with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).

  • IPO市場也感受到壓⼒,上市公司的數量下滑96%。Q1只有⼀家CB Insights追蹤的數位健康科技公司 成功上市,沒有公司是透過與特殊⽬的收購(SPAC)的⽅式上市

  • The data is directionally in line with the findings of an earlier report from Rock Health, which described how the drying up of deals in February and March may be an early sign of a correction in digital health venture capital funding.

  • CB Insights的報告,與投資醫療科技新創的Rock Health更早之前的報告⽅向⼀致,也就是2⽉和3⽉交 易數量下滑,透露了數位健康科技投資可能開始修正(correction)的早期跡象

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