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【#ARTICLES|#AI】 Fujifilm develops AI tech for predicting Alzheimer's progression

A clinical trial has shown that it can predict AD progression with 88% and 84% accuracy in American and Japanese patients, respectively.

Fujifilm Corporation has developed AI technology that can predict whether patients with mild cognitive impairment will progress to Alzheimer's disease within two years.

According to a press statement, the AI Technology for AD Progression Prediction has been found to have high generalisability, predicting patients who would progress to AD with high accuracy, even for subjects from different cohorts.

The AI predictive technology was built using Fujifilm's advanced image recognition technologies. Using both AI and deep tech, atrophy patterns as seen on 3D MRI brain images were extracted and calculated from the hippocampus and the anterior temporal lobe, both regions that are strongly correlated with the progression of AD. From these patterns, AD progression is predicted.

It is projected that the number of patients with dementia around the world will grow to approximately 139 million by 2050 from about 55 million today. Rising cases of Alzheimer's disease, the most common cause of dementia, are also predicted to continue.



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