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Medical Innovation Night

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Medical Innovation Night is an event conceived by "Taipei Medical University BioMed Accelerator". The event invites various physicians to share their findings and focus on topics related to biomedical innovation. In addition, we invite local and international startups as well as development teams that are expertise in the field of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship to communicate with clinicians periodically. In Medinight, we explore everything related to biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship together in a very relaxed way.

臺北醫學大學生醫加速器 - Medical Innovation Night 醫療創新之夜介紹
TMU Biomed Accelerator

臺北醫學大學生醫加速器 - Medical Innovation Night 醫療創新之夜介紹


Past Speakers


Jowy Tani

Attending Physician of Neurology Division,

 Wanfang Hospital 

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Wen-Te Liu 

Director of Sleep Center,

 Shuanghe Hospital


Wing P. Chan

Director of Medical Imaging Department,

Wanfang Hospital


“ Through Medinight, I can learn more about how companies can cooperate with doctors or hospitals. This is a good platform for getting into the medical industry. ” 


—  Mr, Cheng, Taiwanese Corporate.



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