Clinical immersion Strategy workshop




Past speakers

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Lin Junmao

Director of Career Development Division, Taipei Medical University

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Dai Yuting

Vice President of Wanfang Hospital Self-funded Development

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Xu Minghui

Chief Data Officer, Data Department, Taipei Medical University

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Song Xianying

Deputy Director, Department of Human Research, Taipei Medical University

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Liu Wende

Director of Sleep Center of Shuanghe Hospital

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Wu Menghuang

Attending physician of orthopedics department of affiliated hospital

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Chen Zhiyu

Attending Physician of Orthopedics Department of Shuanghe Hospital

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Li Youzhuan

Taipei Medical University

Artificial Intelligence Medical

Master's in-service professor

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Chen Jinfeng

Founder and CEO of Xinyipu Biotechnology

20210514 官網用素材-01-64.png

Chen Junyou

Wanfang Hospital

Radiation Oncology

Full-time attending physician

20210514 官網用素材-01-63.png

Xu Quanguang

Wanfang Hospital Information Room

deputy director

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Qu Zhihao

Partner of Acorn Ventures Taiwan

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“Through the evaluation of TMU professional physicians, we quickly assisted the team in determining the market positioning of the product, saving manufacturers unnecessary cost and time in market development.” 


—  Andrew , Director of Business Development



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